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Travel to Galle

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Galle, Galle Fort, Galle National Museum, Ramparts

Sri Lanka also interpreted by the name “Ceylon” long years ago was not only a cultural and a historical landmark, but she was well respected for it offering as a trading hub. Ceylon, a land like no other holds a pride notion for the city of Galle, which was a key trading arm between the east and west.

Today the city is among the most attractive destinations visited by locals and foreigners, serving a historical and an adventurous hub, accompanied by the limitless gesture of hospitality. Out of the number of demanding places of visit around Galle, the Galle Fort is the foremost idol of the city. The Galle Fort is marked as the largest remaining built by the Europeans in an Asian country and today the 423 years old Galle Fort is maintained with the best upkeep possible, protecting the remaining’s of the Dutch and Portuguese. Moreover the essence of the Galle city is spoken in depth bringing wide knowledge for tourists and locals’ educating the chronicles of this beautiful Galle city is laid out at the Galle national museum.

The Galle national museum brought up in the 1656 is located in the Old Dutch building of the Galle Fort, which displays all the findings unique to the historical presence of the Galle city. The Galle national museum is a highly attractive place of visit, mostly visited initially to understand and gather knowledge about this spectacular destination. Indeed the city is not only meant for its historical presence, Galle is beautiful scenic destination to sight-see and relax along the ramparts of Galle Fort is the ideal location for this. The 109 cannons, sentry posts, lighthouse, clock tower accompanied by the sea on three sides, an evening walk along the ramparts is simply an exciting experience that should not be missed.