Travel to Kalutara

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Kalutara, Kalutara Bodhiya, Beach, Richmond Castle, Asokaramaya Busshist Temple


Overlooking the western province of Sri Lanka is one other beautiful city that have won both local and tourist attractions for the spectacular surrounding it offers. Sri Lanka is a blessed nation by Mother Nature with large varieties of attractions from adventurous, educational to sight-seeing. Thereby among the spectacular destinations in the western province, the Kalutara city cannot be left unspoken about. The city lead to vast development and today is one of the most commercialized cities in the western province.

Kalutara is a perfect holiday destination with the never ending beauty of the Kalutara beach and the high essence of hospitality with the number of beach resorts that have been built. Kalutara, with the beach is a very demanding tourist site to enjoy a beautiful sun setting evening seated along the sandy beaches tasting an authentic drink and bites.

Moreover Kalutara being a developed city with major demanding holiday get-a-way has a lot to do with the religious and the cultural presence of the country. The Kalutara Bodhiya is a sacred place of worship, visited by both locals and foreigners irrespective of their religions. The Kalutara Bodhiya is denoted such a sacred place of worship since it believed as one of the 32 saplings of the Sri Maha Bodhi. Moreover the Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple is one other center point of attraction, built in the year 1870s. The Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple was built for a worthy cause of providing shelter to a group of Sangaratne who had visited to listen to monks preaching. 

Moreover in addition to the lovely beach and the temples that brings pride to the city of Kalutara, the Richmond castle is one other attractions of sight-seeing among tourists. The Richmond castle is a two storied building with Indian and British architecture.