Travel to Trincomalee

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Trincomalee, Whale Watching, hot spring wells,The bays

Sri Lanka, a country surrounded by the beautiful deep blue waters is an attractive destination for the wonderful beaches it owns accompanied by the tropical climate. Out of the most popular beach destination, Trincomalee located on the north eastern arm of the country with a drive of about 257KM, is a city pride of owning one of the ever blue beach in Sri Lanka, having its own uniqueness.

Trincomalee has today being a very popular destination for the beaches of Nilaveli and Uppuveli accompanied by the Pigeon Island located on the offshore in close proximity. Moreover, the city being a beach favorite, it has a deep cultural and historical presence. The ancient ruins of temples of the Buddhist and the archaeological sites to the historical uniqueness Trincomalee in a nutshell takes pride of. Moreover the city is a well-known site for the most known whale-watching, a very demanding and an attractive sight-seeing looked upon by both the locals and foreigners. The city is more to do with the beach and the divergent games such as diving, snorkeling, etc. that accompanies to make it an eventful beach experience.

Adding more to the uniqueness Trincomalee is oozed in, brings the hot spring wells which have always been a major tourist attraction. The seven hot spring wells bring a new experience to all tourists which one will not be able to experience nowhere else in the country. In addition to the historical and adventurous experience in Trincomalee, the bays are another reason the city is widely known for. The peninsula town fenced by the waters is a famous harbor stop, which is also widely used for sailing and fishery. A walk along the bays during the time of the sun setting, the fisherman walking towards the beach with the ending of the day’s work, etc. brings in a different form of experience in correspondence to the beach experiences looked upon in the other parts of the country.