Travel to Unawatuna

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Unawatuna, beach, diving and snorkeling. Turtles, twin reef 

A drive over the southern express highway with a distance of 127KM from the Colombo city brings one to yet another beautiful beach destination located in the city of Galle. The beautiful beach destination in close proximity with a 15 minutes’ drive from Galle brings one of the most spectacular beach destination, the Unawatuna. Today the Unwatuna beach is rated to be the very most visited beach destination in Sri Lanka, loved and attracted by both local and foreign visitors. Among the tropical climate the country is blessed with, spending a worthwhile beach experience resting under pam trees while drinking a fresh coconut thirst-quencher is truly spine tingling experience. 

Moreover just as much the beach is concerned; various games played are just as same in the Unawatuna. From the most traditional games from football to volleyball and to the most demanding games in the Unawatuna, diving and snorkeling are few ways one could spend a very energetic time in the Unawatuna beach.

Indeed Unawatuna is not only about the beautiful beach it offers and the beach games one could get engaged it. It also is accompanied by the splendid sight-seeing, if one is most fortunate enough, sight-seeing turtles laying eggs along the shore could be witnesses here at the Unawatuna beach. In spite Sri Lanka being located surrounded by the deep blue ocean, lost among the historical presence has a lot the nature have gifted her with. The most famous twin reef protected by a double reef created over the bay is a natural pool created by nature, where swimmers could experience an exceptional marine life. Over the twin reef one could witness some of the most beautiful species of fish from the Eels to other number of endless different marine lives. The Unawatuna city in a nutshell is a complete beach experience accompanies by the beautiful sight-seeing one could leisurely enjoy blessed with the best hospitality in town.