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Harrier Hybird 2015

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Modle Harrier Hybird 2015
Category SUVs
Pacenger 5
Bagage 4
Transmission Auto
Air conditioning ? air conditioning


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Toyota Harrier is not only Lexus RX which is a rebadged for the Japanese market. Harrier model is actually a year older than the RX model. Since 1997, the Harrier was not significantly different, the  external appearance of its twin, intended for the US market. Toyota has decided to return to its market this model. 2015 Toyota Harrier, is on sale from December 2, 2014. in Japan. The beginning of 2015, will mark the start of sales of the 2015 Toyota Harrier Elegance G.

New 2015 Toyota Harrier crossover is characterized by altered to the front, and rear of the vehicle. 2015 Harrier got a new grille with logo Harrier. It was redesigned front bumper and the rear end is dominated by the new look light clusters. And headlights have a new look. Neither the interior is not entirely taken up by the current Lexus RX models. Toyota bother to 2015 Toyota Harrier gets a special interior design closer to the demands of the Japanese market.


Harrier Hybird 2015


Other available Harrier 2015 model launches hybrid system. It is a 2.5 L engine paired with an electric motor. This model is only available with 4WD option. The combined forces of the two engine provides 197 PS and average fuel consumption in 2015 Toyota Harrier Hybrid model is 4.6 l/100 km or 51.3 mpg. Emissions are significantly lower than the base model and amounts to 106 g/km. The hybrid model will be released in January 2015.




The Harrier modernized engine performs better than its predecessors in real time, it’s well designed to depict Japan’s exclusive state-of -the-art engine style. The engine is fuel efficient with one of the best performance ever recorded in such category of the crossover SUVs. The fuel consumption is also very efficient. The model is desired by many would be clients already because of its low maintenance cost.

This car is from the future. Fuel economy ratings are highly improved. This beast will be powered by a hybrid system engine of 2.5-liter to accomplish gas performance up to 21.8km/L2 and high consumption of fuel. Compared to any SUV model, this model is better. Hybrid system elevates the Harrier to sky-high at 51 mpg that is extraordinary. The device may have two wheel push with a CVT transmitting...