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Modle Yamaha
Category Bike
Pacenger 2
Bagage 1
Transmission Manual
Air conditioning ? no air conditioning

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The Yamaha FZ1 is a street motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha in Japan. The 600 cc FZ6 and 800 cc FZ8 are related.

Generation 1 models are known as FZ1 in the United States and FZS1000 Fazer in Europe. They have tubular steel frames and modified Yamaha YZF-R1 engines which are carbureted. The models were virtually unchanged over this period, except for colour options, the introduction of the FZS1000S which had a black engine, and in some European countries the 2005 models were fitted with rudimentary catalytic converters.

2006 saw the introduction of a completely new model. The main changes included a new chassis, suspension, body work and a completely new engine, never seen before in the big Fazer. Cast aluminum die-cast diamond-shaped frame with the engine as stressed member replaced the older tubular steel frame along with a control-filled die-cast swingarm. This brought the bike up to date with modern rivals. The new model has a 998 cc DOHC 20-valve engine from the 2004–2006 R1 tuned for better midrange torque, set in an all-new compact diamond-shaped aluminium frame. Most of this engine is identical to the sister YZF-R1's. The primary internal changes are a 40 percent heavier crankshaft and revised balance shaft. New camshafts with reduced lift and duration aim to boost performance at lower revs, and the gearbox's top two ratios are higher to give a more relaxed feel at cruising speeds.